Mens Stache Espadrille



Canvas shoes for men with the HOOFS logo on the heel and a soft leather insole, with our signature horses printed on the inside. Your feet will sit comfortably in these Hoofs. 

Material: Rubber, Canvas 
Closure: Slip-ons 
Lifestyle: Urban Casual, Outdoor/Indoor, and Travel
Soft imitation leather insole 

Care Instruction

Easy to care, Hoofs can be machine or hand washed.

Machine Wash: Place your hoofs in a cotton cloth bag. knot bag securely so the shoes do not come out. Put in the washing machine with detergent and wash in a regular cycle.

Hand Wash:  For a longer life, Hoofs prefer to be hand washed. Wet your shoes. Add a few drops of liquid detergent on it. Rub with palm till clean. Place it under running water till detergent is removed completely.

Drying: Place your washed hoofs at an incline to drain excess water. You may place in the shade or sundry completely.

Shipping & Exchange

HOOFS provide free shipping all over India with various payment options. The expected delivery time is between 2-5 business days.

Since printed designs are created on demand, they are not eligible for an exchange.

Size Chart (Recommended)

Mens Stache Espadrille